Mindspa awarded Orcha certification for 3rd year in a row

It is official!

For the 3rd year in a row, Mindspa has been awarded the ORCHA certification (OBR V6.0)! Additionally, this year Mindspa passed also the Digital Health Assessment Framework (DHAF V1.0).

Furthermore, Mindspa is among the 24 mobile apps selected by Label2Enable for testing the first-ever European ‘mHealth label’. Label2Enable is an EU-funded project promoting a health app quality and reliability label based on CEN-ISO/TS 82304-2.

To achieve the certifications Mindspa had to meet standards and regulations in:

✅ Data and privacy
✅ Clinical and professional assurance
✅ Usability and accessibility

📋 Orcha independently assesses #DigitalHealth products, such as #HealthApps, against over 350 standards and regulations so they:

🔒 Are as safe as possible for people to use
🤝 Give health and care professionals an extra helping hand in looking after patients' health

As stated in a recent report, only 29.6% of mental health apps reviewed by ORCHA meet their quality threshold. This is a statement of the good work the Mindspa team has put in to ensure safety for its users.